An XR web metaverse platform to create, socialize and experience art
Onland is an open web-based metaverse developed by Next Reality Digital for MUD Foundation INC, a non-profit based in Miami whose mission is to facilitate educational and artistic projects where the internet, data, virtual reality, and art converge.
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Onland educational and artistic projects to create, socialize, and experience art

Interfacing Actuality

Interfacing Actuality has taken the notion of interfaces as a point of entry for enacting a shift currently taking place in our reality, which is demonstrated by the phenomenon of the metaverse. This shift I have termed the prototyping of actuality. Interfacing actuality refers to the metaverse as the technical system by which the actual becomes an interface.

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Microverse delves into the vibrational essence of the natural world. The instrument sounds without being touched, and the waves it emits are seen in space. Visitors can navigate this otherwise imperceptible reality thanks to a virtual reality experience.

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In this artwork, the intersection of digital and cultural histories is explored through the research and reimagining of “card stunts” used in various historical contexts where individuals become only a pixel and are surrogates to the collective inertia.

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New Extractivism

New Extractivism explores the concept of a new form of extractivism in the stack behind contemporary technological systems creating a blueprint of a machine-like superstructure: a super allegory.

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Augmented Drag Reality

By utilizing religious iconography from the artist’s upbringing and fusing it with contemporary queer imagery, viewers will witness an apparition that will protect and unite all who experience it.

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